Sq.Ver.01 Headphone Amplifier (discontinued production)


  • Very compact and small enough to fit in your hand (W:2.4" x H:1" x L:2.3" without volume knob)

  • Special printed circuit board with copper weight 70um (standard copper weight is 35um)

  • Product driving-time is over 60hours/charge

  • Equipped with charge-circuit for NiMH or NiCd AAA size rechargeable batteries

  • Able to drive 30-300ohm headphones or earphones

  • Able to easily drive 60-150ohm headphones or earphones with very good performance

  • General performance is enough to drive headphones or earphones

Package included

  • Sq.Ver.01 headphone amplifier (front panel color: transparent or red) x1

  • NiCd 1.2V 450mAh rechargeable batteries x2

  • USB charge cable x1


RMAA test results

Note: All tests as above were carried out without "20Hz-20kHz filter" at RMAA configuration. White trace is when output power is 10mW into 33ohm load at 1kHz. Green trace is when output power is 5mW into 100ohm load at 1kHz.

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